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Self-Reliant Specialty Instructor Course
The purpose of the Self-Reliant Diver specialty course is to recognize and accept the role of the buddy system and its contributions to diver safety while identifying and developing self-reliance and independence while diving. There are two reasons for an experienced diver to take the Self-Reliant diver course:
To develop the skills of planning and carrying out dives without a partner when preferred or necessary. To sharpen skills of diving self-reliance, making the diver a stronger partner in a dive pair or team.

This course covers when diving alone may be applicable, and the need to compensate for those situations, including dive planning, life support system readiness, adaptive training, equipment and responsibility. It is an introduction to self-reliant diving that helps your student divers develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary to rely on themselves first, whether or not they are diving with a partner,

Priorities in the course:

  • The value and application of the buddy system.
  • The philosophy of, and motivation for, diving without a partner.
  • Potential risks of diving alone, and how to manage those risks.
  • The value of equipment redundancy and what back-up equipment is needed.
  • Dive planning and gas management.

We offer this Specialty Instructor Course in all our IDC Locations.


  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • PADI Self Reliant Diver or PADI TecRec Course

One day including one open water dives.
You can download a form to show your 10 logged SELF RELIANT dives for your Specialty Instructor Course here: SELF RELIANT DIVES


  • PADI Specialty Instructor Outline "Self-reliant Diver"
  • Additional to your other dive gear:
    Lifting bag,or DSMB, Compass, Reel (30m minimum), redundant gas source pony cylinder, twin cylinders with isolation valve or sidemount configuration, redundant gas supply must be configured so that the diver can access it with one hand. Redundant depth gauge and bottom timer, or dive computer. Redundant surface signaling devices (both visual and audible), Slate and pencil, redundant mask (recommended).

35.- + tax for Specialty Instructor Application (Price 2016).

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