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Cooperation with OCEAN REEF Inc.
A new approach & tool for your job as a dive professional

OCEAN REEF has created an integrated mask and regulator system and a complete system of underwater communications. By integrating these systems they solved several problems:

  • broader field of vision.
  • more thermally efficient.
  • more comfort - able to breath through the nose and no biting on a mouthpiece.
  • possibility of communication between you and your assistant/student and/or the surface.
Now, having the Neptun System divers have the ability to use more sophisticated tools than ever before.
I would like to introduce dive professionals to this new experience of teaching

OCEAN REEFs full face masks and wireless communication systems are now used in all our instructor programs in order to give immediate feedback, if necessary, as well as giving future dive instructors the possibility to experience a innovative way of teaching and try this modern equipment.

We all know as soon as communication reaches a situation of excess the reaction is to flee, searching for the peace that is often denied to us by the pace the contemporary world has reached. This peace is found underwater.

So, using communication in a responsible and usefull way during our dives is - as always - a question of education and the proper approach. The mere availability of means should not lead us to use it poorly or improperly.

I am looking forward to explaining you what diving communication is, how it works and how it can be used during teaching and fundiving. Even if the silence of the deep is one of the most appealing features in this sport we can't deny that communication can sometimes have serious implications in terms of safety, research, teaching and simply human interaction during our dives.

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